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An astrology directory with links to the various branches of world astrology, horoscopes, magazines, natal chart services, software, and much more.

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Paul Wade, Astrology Wizard

Astrologer Paul Wade offers free horoscopes, astrology resources, interactive tutorials, sign analysis, cool games and personal link recommendations.


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Indigo Ray Astrology

Professional astrologers: astrology interpretations provided by astrologers experience in the field for 25 years: natal, transits, career, relationship, horary, and free lessons and computer charts.


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Astrology by Psychic Astrologer, Ivarna

Horoscopes, soul mate astrology, traditional real astrology readings in the unique and uncompromising style of Ivarna, specializing in soul mate astrology


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Astrology for The Soul

Free Astrology For the Soul with Moses Siregar III and Friends.


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Dr. Louis Turi - Divine Astrology & Astropsychology

Dr. Louis Turi offers astrological readings using Nostradamus' rare method.


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metaMaze: Auntie Virgin's Celebrity Astrology

Quotations and birth charts for famous and infamous people of the past and present born on January 1


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Astro Awareness - Spiritual Astrology, Phases of the Moon, Tarot, Crystals, Dreams, Symbols

Spiritual astrology, the phases of the moon, receive the latest astro news by Val Georgiou. Dream interpretations, crystal information and a signs and symbols dictionary. Online store: jewelery and crystals.


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StarIQ - The Future of Astrology

Daily articles about celebrities, health, relationships, gardening, finance and sports with an astrological perspective. Extensive resources directory.


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Astrology Insights

Overview of basic astrology, current transits section, 'Ask Ruby' column, articles and fun astrology.


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Interactive center - includes 3D time capsule 'inside' your natal chart, customized readings and educational information. Free membership required.


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