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An astrology directory with links to the various branches of world astrology, horoscopes, magazines, natal chart services, software, and much more.

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Signs Studio 2000

Six page astrology site includes: yearly overview, astrological updates, original art, about your sign, names in the news, list of services.


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Astropro Interactive Multimedia Real Astrology

Featuring free forecasts that really do come true by certified professional astrologer Richard Nolle, with details on personal consultations by phone plus charts and reports by mail, fax and email.


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Big Sky Astrology: Articles, Tutorials, and More

The web home of April Elliott Kent, San Diego based astrologer and writer. Launched in 1999, Big Sky Astrology offers astrology articles, tutorials, reports and readings. Specializing in choosing wedding dates that are astrologically outstanding.


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Astrology Alive! - Free Horoscopes & Holistic Astrology

Free Horoscopes on Astrology Alive! with Barbara Schermer. On the Net since '95 with many free features: astrology articles, bookstore , chat & bulletin board, a consumers guide to professional astrology, a sky watch page of upcoming astrological phenomena, and a forecast for the mid-age group.


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Spiritproject is informative and entertaining in esotericism and new age. You will find lots of interactive possibilities in the area of online oracle, astrology such as free horoscopes, the moon-calendar, numerology, chats, forums, oracles, and surprises!


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Astrology Annabel Burton Horoscopes & Stars

Astrology & horoscopes by Annabel Burton, a professional Astrologer based the UK. Consultations and forecasts, sun signs, star signs, moon signs, free e-mail, and subscription membership.


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Bilingual website (Italian and English) concerning astrology, horoscopes, forecasts, new age, mysteries, graphology, tales and poetry.


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Skyscript: Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages

Astrology pages of UK astrologer, Deborah Houlding. Astrological services, articles, tips and tools. Free Horary Astrology Course, Beginners' course and calendar of events.


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Nuova Astrologia

Astrology today is not mere prediction, but a tool of growth and awareness.


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Astrology for the Real World

Articles on mundane and personal astrology, including a section on the conflict in Northern Ireland. Also, overview of services provided, and horoscopes.


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