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Renaissance Astrology

Articles and learning tools from the field of traditional astrology, plus horary and electional consultations and the astrological magick and talismans of Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino and the Picatrix. Offers astrological magic web course.


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Astrology of Healing

Information on medical astrology and its relationship with the psyche and physiological functioning of the body. Also material on self healing, medical herbalism, energetic medicine and shamanic healing.


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Heavens Almanac

Collection of articles, tips, stories and advices for women: relationships, kids, family, house, health and more


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Robert Zoller Medieval Astrology

Robert Zoller, astrology prediction and personal horoscopes based on medieval astrological techniques. Buy and download astrological books and courses. Professional advisor and scholar on occult, magic, alchemy and philosophy. Free downloads.


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Lee Lehman Classical Astrology in Asheville, NC

Lehman Associates is dedicated to providing the general public with quality, predictive astrological services. We are dedicated to providing the astrological community with materials to foster education, whether in the form of courses, books, tapes


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Sue Ward's Traditional Western Predictive Astrology

Resource for traditional English astrology. Contains articles, examples, charts, and information on courses and asking horary questions.


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Modern horary and electional readings by Steven Maness.


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Zoidiasoft Technologies Astrology Software

Software download and birth chart reference for medieval and Hellenistic astrology.


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The Astrology of Marsilio Ficino: Divination or Science?

Astrology for Ficino could only be justified if it was used in this way, if its framework of techniques and the physical reality of its symbols provided the ritual 'container' for the human soul to free itself from the limitations of a material consciousness, and begin to know itself as an image of God.


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Current Moon

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