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Albert Valentine's Official Website. Astrology Readings & Videos

Private Readings. Astrologer, Albert Valentine predicted on Live TV in 1993 WTC 9/11 8 years before it happened. Video on Site. Readings available. Tons of clips!


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Moon Valley Astrologer by Author Celeste Teal

Dedicated to astrologers, novice to professional, with a tutorial for beginners. An informative site on predictive astrology with current planetary patterns: includes metaphysical topics.


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Interactive Astrology Interpretation - Free Explanation of Personal Birth Charts and Their Aspects

How to get an astrology interpretation of an astrology chart. How to read an astrology chart using interactive explanations as definitions. Dissecting astrology charts in order to analyze and synthesize.


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Carol Squires, Astrologer

Astrology services and astrology classes, tuition by correspondence, personal consultations, readings and articles by professional astrologer Carol Squires.


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Kepler College

Liberal studies include a cross-cultural examination of cultural cosmologies, including astrology


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Astrological Psychology Institute (UK) offers courses based on the work of Bruno and Louise Huber. Includes news, course and workshop information, articles, enrollment details, forum and mailing list.


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The London School of Astrology

Offers a number of courses for anyone interested in learning about astrology or its related subjects.


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International Academy of Astrology

The International Academy of Astrology (formerly Online College of Astrology) provides online astrology classes, astrology certification, astrologia en Espaniol, personal horoscope interpretations, and other special features.


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Bernadette Brady

Bernadette Brady M.A. is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer who lives in Bristol, UK.


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Astrology Center of America

National clearinghouse of astrology books and tarot cards. Offers hard-to-find astrology books in western & Hindu Vedic astrology, as well as hundreds of tarot decks. Ships world-wide, and has 24 hour service.


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