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Divination educational sites subdirectory.

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Metastudies University

Home study courses in astrology, tarot, and handwriting analysis. Short articles on various divination topics.


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Freya - A Modern 'Ancient Mystery School'

Comprehensive course work and information covering all occult subjects. A Wiccan Way to Wisdom to achieve enlightenment.


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School of Spiritual Integrity

Serving students internationally with a broad range of metaphysical instruction. They specialize in contemplative kabbalah utilizing sound for transformation but also offer information and courses in other areas from comparative religion through Tarot.


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Conscious Kernels

Spiritual e-books, audiobooks, e-courses, multi-media programs, and music for personal growth to transform your life. A publisher of spiritual books, taking submissions through email.


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Tropic of Freedom Books:

Offers book summaries with hints and guidelines to help you on the road to realizing personal freedom.


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Celestial Element

Shay is an intuitive reader of crystals and tarot cards helping people by opening their minds to new perspectives of the reality they inhabit and create. Offers online or in-person classes on reiki, tarot, crystals, chakras, and manifestation.


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Edgar Cayce's Association for Research

An organization to help people transform their lives through research, education, and application of core concepts found in the Edgar Cayce readings.


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Occult and metaphysical studies for Earth Angels, empaths and intuitives. Learn all about holistic tarot, divination, energy healing, magic and angels. Check out the free video and eBook resources.


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