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The Astrologers Fund

Market Timing and Global Stock Selection using financial astrology. Sample forecasts of the Astrologers Fund, articles, resources, FAQ and pointers.


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Citystats Stock Market Astrology

Minute by minute astrological forecasting signals for trading world stock markets.


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AstroEcon Financial Astrology and Technical Analysis

Astrology forecasts and technical analysis for stock market and futures trading using financial astrology, Elliott waves, Bradley, and Gann.


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Astro Innovation - Learning Styles, Business Astrology, Gifts, & Spirituality in Business

Applies astrology to learning, business, relationships, personal and professional growth and development, promoting spirituality in business. Our personalized, astrology gift reports profile individual learning styles.


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Professional Astrologer for 35 Years

Astrology is a tool which can be used to learn about ourselves and others and can also be used to heal.


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Kelley Rosano

New advanced techniques combining astrological scientific methods with the technology of coaching to make you feel better, get what you want, and to live the life you desire and deserve.


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Business and Financial Astrology

International Society of Business Astrologers, offering details of its members, rules and ethics, research projects, literature, courses and software. Includes members' area, newsletter and articles.


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Amanita Market Forecasting

Market information based on financial astrology, technical analysis, and divine methods. Newsletter, FAQ and services information.


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Maggie Hyde's Company Guides

Information about Maggie's business services, together with an index of her media articles.


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Current Moon

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