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A general subdirectory of sites about divination, sites that may not belong in other categories or would belong in more than one category.

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Gospel Mysteries Website

This non-commercial website is a source of articles about some mysteries which surround various events that appear in the gospels. Subjects include the life and teachings of Jesus, his relationship to Mary Magdalene, his betrayal by Judas Iscariot, his arrest and trial, and his crucifixion .


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Light on the Page

Light on the Page is devoted to creative spiritual work in words. It provides a gentle process of enlightenment through poetry - a perspective on the higher being within each one of us. Reaching for the infinites, lightonthepage is guided by an inner light.


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Spirituality Seeker

Informational source that deals with topics relating to spirituality


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Unusual Spiritual e-Books

Deep philosophy of life, perfect human society and true religion.


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Rainbows in Beverley

Complementary therapies and personal development in Beverley, East Yorkshire.


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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a term that corresponds to a number of alternative practices that all focus on restoring wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Get all information about spiritual healing therapy totally free. Spiritual healing is a goal in all spiritual practices, traditions and religions.


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Metabody Studio

Reiki master/teacher Jennifer Berman provides reiki energy work & education in the West Lakeview area of Chicago.


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Exorcisms | Exorcism | Exorcists

Exorcism in my understanding has therefore always to do with the removing of a ghost from the possessed. There are many ways to do them and I found out that the best one is distant exorcism. My method is the most difficult one and has the great advantage that the client experiences only a great relief.


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18 Shakti Peeth list | Hindupad.com

Asta Dasa Shakti Peethas are the 18 Shaktipeeth temples and most auspicious temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti. These temples are believed to be the most ancient in Hinduism and also considered the heavenly abodes of the Goddess.


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Psychic Whisperings

Learn about divination subjects from Tarot to the I-Ching. Read reviews of recommended spiritual/self-help books or check out the Soul Blog. Become a member for access to the forums, personal profile and money of personal Tarot, Cartomancy & Angel card readings.


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