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A general subdirectory of sites about divination, sites that may not belong in other categories or would belong in more than one category.

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Occult World Ledger - Reviewing the Occult and Paranormal

OWL reviews and rates occult, wiccan, pagan, and paranormal books. Occult shopping, search. Covering all things occult on the web.


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The Dreamtime

Community site offering free numerology readings, astrology and compatibility advice, with forums and articles.


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Byzant Mystical

A place to explore and enjoy the esoteric and the artistic. Mysticism, symbolism, psychology, poetry, spirituality and beyond are all to be found within these pages, along with free Tarot readings, a quotations oracle and more!


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Spirit Gathering

Offering a variety of tarot packs and other oracles, together with shamanistic and ritual items. Also features information about readings, sweat lodges and classes, as well as personal stories.


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Sun Angel Creations

Joyful alternatives for spiritual self help. Interactive community with online oracles, messaging boards, articles and shopping.


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Types of Divination

Methods and history of a variety of divination and scrying techniques.


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The Enchanted Spirit

Articles, classes, e-books and readings using astrology and tarot.


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A Glossary Of Divination

An A-Z of lesser known divination techniques, with single line definitions of each.


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Anthropological Studies of Divination: Spider Divination

Presents a simulation by Michael D. Fischer of the Mambila system of spider divination.


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Gospel Mysteries Website

This non-commercial website is a source of articles about some mysteries which surround various events that appear in the gospels. Subjects include the life and teachings of Jesus, his relationship to Mary Magdalene, his betrayal by Judas Iscariot, his arrest and trial, and his crucifixion .


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