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The Hermitage: A Tarot History

Information on the history of tarot cards, along with speculation on the original meanings of the tarot symbolism.


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History and Mystery of Tarot

An article excerpted from "The Everything Tarot Book" by M.J. Abadie. Featured in InnerSelf Magazine.


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The Mystic House - Tarot History

A short history of tarot cards by PJ Ward. Includes links to readings and resources. Also featuring articles on astrology, tarot and an arcade.


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Salem Tarot - Tarot History

An overview of the beginnings of the Tarot, and how it became a popular tool of psychic divination. Features witches and tarot, readings and decks.


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ShadowWolf - History of Tarot

A basic overview of the history of the tarot along with certain myths. Information on Court de Gebelen, Aleister Crowley and The Golden Dawn.


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Trionfi - Tarot Museum

Documents, researches and theories to the origin of the tarot cards. Studies to early playing cards and card games from the 14th and 15th centuries.


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Esoteric and Metaphysical Classic Texts

The classic works on Tarot, magick, metaphysics, Law of Attraction, etc. you see quoted in your metaphysical reading, in E-Book form at a very good price.


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