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How to Submit Your Site for Review

  • Navigate to the most appropriate sub-category. Please submit your site to the deepest logical subcategory.

  • Click on "Submit Listing."

  • Title and description should be unique.

  • Please do not stuff keywords into the title or description. Just submit the name of your website. Put a maximum of 7 keywords in the keywords field.

  • Please do not submit your site more than once under different guises.

  • Do not submit websites that have no relevance to divination, or sites that are "under construction" or low-quality (too many ads or all affiliate links).

    We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of this directory.
    Do not submit spam or unrelated links.
    Do not use advertizing lingo in your site description; words like best, most, greatest, etc. will not be accepted. Please try to make an accurate, objective appraisal of your site. If I had a dollar for every submission that claimed to be "the best" - well, you know the rest.

  • Absolutely no sites about Wicca, white magic, black magic, or love spells will be accepted.

  • We reserve the right to alter your title and description as we see fit.

  • We may or may not accept subdomain submissions. It depends on whether and how well the sub-site stands on its own.

  • We reserve the right to reject any websites at our own discretion, whether or not they compromise the integrity of the directory.

  • We sacrifice our free time to review sites without charge, in our free time. Expect that your site will not be reviewed right away, probably not for quite a while.

  • Follow the instructions

  • Reciprocal links are greatly appreciated. You may choose to link to Tarotsmith.com, .net, or .org, any of their subdomains, or add Tarotsmith free reading scripts and offer free readings from your site.

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