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Sites that offer online oracles such as Tarot, I Ching, runes, cartomancy, bibliomancy, skrying, and Magic 8 Ball.

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Tarosmith Divination

Online divination resources such as Tibetan Mo dice, bibliomancy, numerology, and Tarot: featuring cards by contemporary figurative artists Ari Bach, Ash Abdullah, Stephan Lange, and Jeremy Lampkin.


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Knowledge and Conversation

Oracle of conversation with the gods. Speak to the fire and hear the sound of many waters.


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The Divinator: Oracle for a New Millennium

Experience wisdom of the eons plus a dose of humor never before found in a sacred text. Full conversational interactivity via sophisticated language parsing. The Divinator is the silence which speaks through a trinity of sages (Shakespeare, Harmonanx, Fleance). Free site, multiple features...


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Online since 1993, Facade.com was the first website to offer free divination. Tarot, runes, I Ching, numerology, and other online oracles are available for you and for all the hottest celebrities.


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HRIH Divinations: I-Ching & Tarot

Sophisticated I-Ching and Tarot readings with good explanations, but the interpretation is left up to the user. Tarot readings feature the Book of Thoth.


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Zodax Mystic Cubes

Ancient system of divination using five cubes (dice) decorated with ancient symbols grouped by themes - alchemy, numerology, colors, emotions, & deities.


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68 Destiny

English/Chinese language website featuring Feng Shui and 4 Pillars Destiny oracles.


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Several methods of free online readings including Tarot, horoscopes, love compatibility, numerology, fortune cookie, magic 8 ball, runes, electric almanac, and I Ching.


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Mystical Colour Fortunes

The ancient North African way to tell your fortune weekly. Predictions about your health, wealth, career, etc., based on your name. It calculates your mystic color, then gives weekly horoscopes.


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Spiritual Growth: Daily Inspiration

Daily inspiration on spiritual growth, mysticism, spiritual guidance & prayer counseling. Click on a square and read your fortune.


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Current Moon

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