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American Tarot Association

An association for the purpose of bringing together qualified students and teachers of the Tarot who are willing to adhere to the association's ethics and guidelines about Tarot reading, education and interpretation.


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Tarot Guild of Australia

Organization to provide a community for those interested in Tarot, and raise public awareness of Tarot.


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Tarot Canada International

An organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the international Tarot community.


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Tarot Association of the British Isles

TABI is a not-for-profit association run by unpaid volunteers with a passion for Tarot and the esoteric. Formed in 2001, we provide support, information and resources for Tarot enthusiasts of all levels. TABI has been promoting ethical Tarot standards in training and reading since 2001.


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Association of Tarot Professionals

The ATP's aim is to promote standards of tarot reading within the industry. Founded in London, members include some of the top names in tarot reading in London at this time.


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Tarot Certification Board of America

A non-profit, accredited organization, which sets standards for professional tarot readers. Qualified individuals may be certified as apprentices, readers, professional readers, masters, instructors and grandmasters.


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Chicago Tarot Club

Founded in April 2005 by April Wagner, the Chicago Tarot Club gives Tarot enthusiasts in the Chicagoland area the opportunity to meet in person and discuss all things Tarot. This club is on hiatus for the time being, as April has moved to Hong Kong.


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Cultural Association Le Tarot

Founded by Prof. Andrea Vitali in 1986, this organization was formed to research the history and diverse cultural elements that have come together to formulate the deck itself, going back all the way to Tarot's ancient roots.


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