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Links to sites about the art of palmistry.

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Free Hand Analysis Tutorial

Free hand analysis and psychic center. Find your strengths and natural advantages in your hands. Understand yourself and others better. Learn how to find the secrets that all hands reveal.


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Palmistry - The art of Palm Line Reading

The complete guide to palmistry. Try our free palm reading for a detailed explanation of what the lines on your hand mean. Online courses, palmistry books & the Gyatri Mantra download also available.


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MTrue's Mystery Palm of the Week

MTrue's Mystery Palm offers weekly sample palm readings. In-depth readings are available by appointment.


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Palmist Tre

A simple rundown of the main lines of the hand, the history of palmistry, trade shows, private readings, and courses.


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Fingerprints & Palmar Dermatoglyphics

A history of fingerprinting, palmistry, and character identity.


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Virtual palmistry at AstroGuru.com

Online palm reading using CyberPalm, a virtual palm reader. Live forum with astrologist, tarot, and matchmaking.


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Learning Center for Palmistry

Learn from a master palmist how to read character, predictions, potential as well as health, career, love and marriage.


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Madam Carolyn, Psychic Palmist

Madam Carolyn is a psychic palmist, tarot and crystal ball reader who does Renaissance festivals and reads through the mail and by phone and fax.


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Palmistry International

Learn palmistry and hand analysis with Palmistry International, in association with the International College of Palmistry, featuring the A.dip.ICP palmistry course, community forums, free palmistry techniques and more information.


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