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Links to sites about the art of scrying.

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Real Magick Article - An Overview of Different Types of Scrying by Muadhnait

Scrying is a method of divination. It consists of gazing into a crystal, a mirror or some water for example, anything shiny really, in order to enter altered mind states.


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Odds and Ends about Scrying

Have you felt the need to peer into the future lately? Want a more direct method than the Tarot Cards or Runes or watching for signs? Try some of these scrying techniques on for size.


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SpiralNature - Scrying

Scrying requires the state of a light trance, often referred to as magickal consciousness. This is state can be described as a simultaneous state of concentration and relaxation.


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Using Scrying To See How A Genius Works

Parallels scrying with dreams, and gives a glimpse of the historical social perspective of scrying, and why it isn't fully understood.


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The Ancient Practice of Scrying

People have been Scrying for many years, from the time of the ancients to the modern day. When clear-vision is sought a variety of mediums have been used for their reflective purposes. By using or attuning to an external source or object, one can enhance the stillness and peace needed to start the visions rolling.


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Crystalinks - Oracles of Divination - Scrying

Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." Adding the prefix/suffix 'be' (often 'gye' in Germanic languages), gives us the modern word 'describe'.


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TheMystica - Scrying Article

Scrying is the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance.


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Scrying Procedures

A how-to article with no particular medium focus.


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