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The art of Tibetan Mo divination.

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Divine MO

Mo is a form of divination widely used within all four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism with Lamas routinely offering some form of Mo divination as an aspect of their pastoral service.


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MO Dice Divination Information

Information about dice divination using the ancient Tibetan system of MO.


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The Art of Mo (Tibetan Dice Divination)

All over the world Dice have been used for Divination purposes. Becoming better known is the Tibetan System called MO, which is in common use and is considered the major form of divination in a culture where the divination of omens and signs in the norm.


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MO: Tibetan Divination System

Amazon.com: MO: Tibetan Divination System (9780937938744): Jay Goldberg, Doya Nardin, Jamgon Mipham: Books.


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Divination and Healing Centre

The method of the Mo is an accurate technique for Divination and Healing that echos through centuries of Tibetan Buddhist culture. This divination and healing ceremony is known to be extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from spiritual, mental or physical ailments and their associated obstacles.


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Tibetan Art of Divination

An excellent article covering the various methods of Tibetan Mo divination including examining dough balls, dice, beads or rosary, incidental signs, dreams, fire, butter lamp, mirror scrying, shoulder blades, and sounds.


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Teng Mo Mala Divination

A long article explaining Mala divination in detail.


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Current Moon

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